Sunday, 28 February 2010

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Friends of Garston Park is on Friday March nineteenth (we always have the third Friday of the month).

We're meeting at 6 30 at Long Lane Church. Anyone who lives near the park, or uses the park, or who is interested in what we do, is welcome to come along.

If you can't make it but want to go on a mailing list to hear about future meetings, please either post your details in the comments section or e mail

Garston Park Bird Watch

How many species of bird are there in Garston Park?

The Friends want to get a list together detailing all the different types of birds spotted.

And we need your help.

If you are in the park and you spot a type of bird, please let us know.

You can drop a line to the Chairman Alan Helsby at 80 Long Lane, Garston, L19
or post in the comments section here.

We hope eventually to display lists for people in the park.